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Thursday, March 10, 2005

A much more user-friendly cookbook Table of Contents page is over at
which is also the new location for all the latest details on the cookbook.

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About the Art Filled Cookbook
This is a long project which began in March 2010. The project is seasonal vegetarian recipes posted freely on my blog around twice a week. Each recipe has an original accompanying artwork. The recipes are not just for vegetarians. The aim is to have people swoon with yum and not care if the meal was vege or not. Because pretty much everyone knows a vegetarian nowadays. If a raving carnivore needs to cook a vege meal, they usually don't know where to start. This collection is for them as well as the full time non-meat eaters and those looking to reduce their meat consumption (a la Meatless Mondays).

The artworks for each recipe are originals that aim to capture the essence of the dish through any means possible. Usually oil painting. They are all a modest size of 30 x 30cm that will fit onto a wall in even the tiniest modern flat. All the original artworks are available to own. And at the end will be the book. A real physical book that will be made available through a print on demand service (let's see which one passes my quality test).

Tell the world
Please pass this page around as much as possible. Most people need vege recipes at some point and these are all personally tested and passed by moi. Foodie friends. Vego friends. Friends and relatives of vegetarians. People you know interested in reducing their meat eating. And art lovers. Designers. Artists. Creatives. Spread the word far and wide!!
If you're a Facebook junkie, I have a Facebook fan page. Like the project? 'Like' my page.
The blog where all the recipes are posted has an RSS feed. If you're someone who likes getting updates that way, subscribe.
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Measure. Convert. Cook. Ever been driven mad with trying to figure out out what the conversion of cups or grams or pints is into your cooking language? Download this handy dandy pdf of conversion charts for every cooking measuring system I could find. It should make your life easier.

When the book goes on sale, the purchase details and link will be here.
When the artwork is being exhibited, the details will be here (supper club anyone?).
All the recipes will be accessible from here in the Table of Contents at the end of this page. Scroll on down.

To use this sortable Table of Contents
The Table of Contents below shows links to each vegetarian cookbook post along with the date the post was published and the tags or labels used to distinguish between the recipe seasons and general news.
  • There is a short preview of each post when you hover the cursor over the title.
  • Titles are in alphabetical order, but you can click on the date column header, 'POST DATE', to sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Click on a specific label such as "news", "autumn", "winter", "spring" or "summer" to display only the posts tagged with that label. ie. If you are looking for winter recipes, click the label "winter" which will show only the winter recipes.
  • To go back to the full list, just click the column header, 'POST TITLE'.
***Recipes tagged as vegan are either vegan already or super simple to convert, such as substituting oil for butter.

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