SoFoBoMo Test

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This here pic is the first (successful) test done for the SoFoBoMo challenge. As it was done before the beginning of the challenge it's not included in the final tally of pictures, but I like it a lot so it's on the front cover.

Yes, the book is finished. No the blog didn't get updated along the way. Another hard drive failure got in the way. And I discovered that shooting & uploading via iPhone was quite time consuming enough without trying to blog via the phone as well.

Not to mention iPhone battery life. OMFG!! Apple, you have some serious work to do in that department. The grand plan of shooting while out camping in the wilderness came crashing down after day one. No mains power. No spare battery available. Solio solar charger didn't work. Nowhere to purchase an in-car charger (that's since been rectified). Oh well. The creatures got made and the pics got done... When I returned home!!

So instead of 'blogging as I go' I'm blogging after the fact. The next few posts will be all about the found creatures, their locations and inspiration.

Isn't it wonderful being able to be creative while walking the dog through the bush?

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