A Diary of Becoming - Round Four - Nov 09 (and Dec 09 and Jan 10) Roundup

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where On Earth Have I Been?
Gah. Has it really been 3 months? What's happened? Which hole did I fall into?

Hmm, well there was a cancer scare (false alarm I'm relieved to say), there was the getting stuff done, then there was a large illustration contract, followed by having the inlaws stay for xmas. Then there were two road trips to Adelaide (a gig and then a wedding) - Adelaide is a day's drive BTW - and lastly another large illustration contract. So rest assured that whilst I've been away, it's been a full schedule. Perhaps I could be more organised on the blogging front while busy in future. Something for me to work on improving.
And while we're on the topic of needing improvement... from the last roundup;

Not So Good Stuff

  • Pictures and prints for the market stall - haven't happened. Though I've produced plenty of pictures, all of them have been of the medical variety for contract. No use for a market stall.
  • Market stall preparations - not all bad, but definitely delayed, as per above. I have though, scored a fine trestle table from eBay and have an RSS feed spying out for a suitable cane/bamboo room divider which I intend to paint white and hang pictures on as a backdrop to the stall. I'm now thinking that a stall will be more suitable for the next warm season. Part of a grander plan.
  • Email friends - not done yet (grrrr). However this will be ideal to do when the big fun project is launched.

The Good Stuff
  • The art collector lectures that were cancelled last year are back on and I'm in. Can't wait. They start next week.
  • Modify blog header. This task is done. It should now be perfectly plain to tell when the blog is the current page.
  • Creative commons. Investigated and pondered upon. Look out for the blog post this time next week which will explain what it is and my views on copyright in the world today.
  • Art collectives. Researched. And blow me down there's one in Ballarat. And a cool one in Bendigo. And the Abbortsford Convent in Melbourne grabbed my interest too. It was enlightening and somewhat horrifying to learn that most places work 6 to 12 months ahead with their exhibition schedules. Yikes.
  • Strategy session. OMG!!! So much awesome. More later.
  • CD commission. Done, and now more required. Cool.

The Unexpectedly Great
  • While the medical illustration contracts certainly took a great chunk of my time (annoying), and the client suddenly decided partway through that everything was to be done in Illustrator (really irritating), the wonderful unexpected result is that I now have a solid grasp on Illustrator. Nothing quite like learning on the job. So that's an extra feather to my cap. I think I'll slot it in next to the Photoshop feather!
  • But that's not all!!! Thanks to me getting peeved with how long it takes me to write these posts, I decided to do something about it. Now I'm touch typing at a modest 22wpm (words only). Yay. Onward and upward.

The Awesome
Discovering the coolest project that covers a whole bunch of my interests that will tick the full gamut of artistic and online experimenting that I want to do and it was right under my nose. Right in my face actually. Thanks to hubby for pointing out what has been hiding in plain sight. The recipe series. Seasonal, vegetarian, fully illustrated. It's gonna keep me busy for a full year. Fine details still to be sorted, but there will be downloads, polls, prizes, videos, prints, loads of scrumptious meals and artwork and a complete book at the end. I'm excited.

So, The Get Done For February...
  • Improve my touch typing to include numbers. Same speed.
  • There's a bunch of recommended professional art organisations. Methinks I should join them up.
  • Shadow Creatures. Or maybe Urban Creatures. In any case, a second installment on the Found Creatures. A suitable creative project for this month otherwise full of...
  • Planning for the recipes. So many questions to find answers for... Printing. Dinner exhibitions. Videos. Publishing. Scheduling. Publicity. Classes? Ways to get you guys involved...

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3 thoughts

  1. Can't wait for the recipe series. What an awesome project!

  2. All sounds fabulous! Congratulations on wonderful ideas...looking forward to the recipes! When I was teaching ESL at Swinburne in the 1980's, I practised in the 'putor lab in my spare time on Touch Typing Tutor, the most fantastic typing program. Unfortunately it was a DOS prog, don't think it exists any more (except on my old 5.5" floppy disk!)


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