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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

food painting for the vegetarian cookbook by Fiona Morgan
Quick. Easy. Versatile. Light.


Food painting artwork

30 x 30cm oil on canvas. More Klee inspiration from the same late 1930's period as the one that inspired Pumpkin & Feta Salad-Meal, with playful symbols of growing plant life and an exploration of harmonious glazed colour. Very bright and cheerful.
By the way, all the food painting artwork is available to own in the Official Art Store.


The meatless meals recipe

These could also be called Chinese Vegetable Pancakes. The reason they aren't is that I discovered just how many different types of Chinese vege pancakes there are out there and none of them were quite this one.  

These crepes are just right with a side of leafy greens in soy sauce and garlic, just like my Chilli Greens but minus the chilli, and plain steamed rice.  Or choose any stirfried veges or tofu you like as toppings. These are so versatile.  Use what you have in them and eat them with or without other dishes. The extra sides makes this a meal. On their own they make a great snack. Also, try a topping of your favourite asian sauce. We have a stash of a Chinese chilli sauce that is a bit sweet and sour and filled with peanuts and cured tofu. Sounds gross, but I swear it's addictive on these pancakes.

By the way, the optional ingredient purslane pigweed/little hogweed is a weed in the West, not a cultivated vegetable, and you will probably have to go gleaning for it. So for all you free foodies,  this recipe's for you. Don't stress if you're a supermarket person, spinich, chives or silverbeet work very well too.

1 cup plain flour
3/8 teaspoon salt (1/4 teaspoon plus half as much again)
1 beaten egg
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 1/4 cups milk or unsweetened soy milk
1/2 cup water
splosh of sesame oil
1 spring onion, chopped fine
1-1 1/2 cups fine chopped leafy greens (include some garlic chives if you can, the flavour is wonderful)

Put the flour and salt in a mixing bowl and mix.
Slowly add the wet ingredients into the bowl (a whisk is very helpful here) to make a smooth creamy batter.
Then add in the spring onion and leafy greens. Purslane, garlic chives, spinach, silver beet etc all work well.
Fry the batter in 4 batches until golden brown on both sides in a pan oiled with sesame oil. A pancake is ready to turn when bubbles appear on the surface.

This recipe will make 4 pancakes about 8" or 20cm diameter.


More vegetarian cookbook goodies

Need help with conversions? Download this handy dandy pdf of cooking conversion charts for every cooking measuring system I could find. It should make your life easier.

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