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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Artist inspiration and artist influences. No biographies, dates or scholarly research here - this is a personal response to the work of Marc Chagall by Australian artist Fiona Morgan.

Marc Chagall painting
In a world filled with depressing soundbite-style news stories of crime & horror, isn't it a wonderful thing to have people who celebrate life?

Marc Chagall painting
Chagall's paintings tend to wander through happy reminiscing and imagining. I enjoy this in his work and admire the way he intertwined his symbols, all so fluid and childlike and dreamy.

Marc Chagall painting
And being a fan of colour, colour, colour (you may have noticed!), Chagall's masterful use of colour in his pictures make me smile. There's no fear there, nor is it overdone. For such a highly regarded fine artist that nearly everyone loves, I can't help but notice the free linework style he used and how this strongly reminds me of cartooning. Combining cartooning and 'fine art' painting? Thankyou, I'll have a large serve of that.

Marc Chagall painting
Most of all, his work speaks to me about emotion. Feelings conveyed by poetic impressions rather than careful explanations. It's so fitting, to me, that he also made stained glass windows! And transformed ceilings...

Marc Chagall painting
I think it's a wonderful thing to walk into a public building and be delighted and enchanted by the artwork adorning the ceiling. Unfortunately this does not happen often enough. But if you're in Paris, the opera house that's today best known by the name Opéra Garnier delivers.

These are photos I took while under the spell of enchantment. It was doubly potent because it was so completely unexpected to find the work of Chagall here. It was a random touristy visit that turned out to be a gem of an impromptu idea.

Marc Chagall paintingMarc Chagall painting

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