Friday, May 13, 2011

There comes the time in the creative process when all the work is done, bar the last step. Some call it 'shipping'. Most of us probably think of it as putting our creations out there to be judged.

It's pretty damn scary.

It took me a full year to make the cookbook paintings available for sale. Oh, there were reasons. Setting up a web store. Finding the best method to record the paintings. Researching costs. Learning how to successfully photograph oil paintings. You know, reasons.

Yeah, excuses.

What if no one likes them? What if they don't sell? What if I post them off and then the archive file is buggered? What if. What if. What if. None of that happened.

Silly billy.

The whole point of bringing some new piece of wisdom and beauty into the world is to put it out there for people. Make it available, accessible. The whole point of creating a painting is to put a spark on canvas that someone, to whom that spark speaks, can put it on their wall and be reminded every day of it's message.

So I apologise.

For letting the fear of putting my work out there get the better of me for so long. I am determined to not let that happen ever again.

This original, professional quality painting, 'Winter', is available to own in the Official Art Store. You could make it yours.

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