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Friday, May 25, 2012

My press release for the very soon to be here Good Life Festival in Daylesford where I have a stall handing out recipes, talking about vegetarian food and showcasing the Autumn and Winter cookbook paintings. Saturday June 2, 2012.

After years of carnivore friends telling her she should open a cafe, artist Fiona Morgan took their compliments on her vegetarian cooking and her general frustration with bland vegetarian food, and is combining her artwork and recipes into a book. Each individual recipe is personally tested until she feels it is at optimal deliciousness. If it wouldn’t be moreish to a carnivore, it doesn’t go in the collection.

Fiona will be at The Good Life Festival Daylesford on Saturday June 2 as a stallholder at Daylesford Primary School, freely giving out meatless meals recipes from the cookbook for you to take home and try. These are recipes that everyone will enjoy not just die hard hippies. Find out how easy and tasty vegetarian meals can be.
She will also be showcasing some of the artwork inspired by the recipes from the upcoming cookbook. All the foodie paintings are 30x30cm and affordably priced. 
There is a long tradition of still life paintings of food from our cultural history. Careful arrangements of delicacies abundantly covering a table have been painted for centuries. Today the modern equivalent is food styling photography. Luscious posed shots of crafted gourmet meals abound in magazines and cookbooks. 
What if the food images were inspired by the dish instead of literally presenting it? What if the main ingredient, or the history, or the culture of the recipe were represented? What if the essence of this particular food could be captured as a painting? That is exactly what Fiona aims to achieve in pairing her art with these recipes.

All the recipes and images are freely available online for people to use and share (with attribution). It’s all here, with more detail:

And to you - come celebrate 'The Good Life'. Live well, care for each other and the environment. Look at some of what will be on:

Saturday 2nd June Daylesford Primary School ‘Looking after our environment
In conjunction with the Farmers Market, the Good Life Festival will kick off with stalls and workshops to be held at the Daylesford Primary School hall from 9.30 AM, Saturday 2nd June. There is something of interest for everyone ranging from keeping chooks, advice on successful worm farming through to the use of cultivated and wild plants for health, beauty and other purposes.
In addition the Festival will include a walking tour of productive gardens around Daylesford, a Garage Sale Trail and a Fashion Upcycling Workshop.

Sunday 3rd June Daylesford Town Hall 'Householders, Renovators and Home Builders'
The Good Life Festival continues at the Daylesford Town Hall from 10.00 AM on Sunday 3rd. The Town Hall will be bursting at the seams with stalls and information workshops highlighting how your home could be made more comfortable, reduce energy and water usage and save dollars in the bargain. Amongst other things, you could learn about pellet heaters, solar systems or ways to minimize your power bills. This is a day not to be missed, especially if you are considering renovating or building. Other activities include Earthship building workshop at our Tip and Open Day at the “Mens Shed” located at Victoria Park.

The Good Life Festival Daylesford 2012
Presented by the Sustainable Hepburn Association (SHARE) to share the wealth of knowledge and ideas of local individuals, businesses and community groups to help us all live the good life.
9.30am-4pm at locations around Daylesford, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd June

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