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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Food paintings from the vegetarian cookbook by artist Fiona Morgan
The food paintings from the vegetarian cookbook on display at The Good Life Festival Daylesford 2012
When will the vegetarian cookbook be published? It's a question that is asked of me quite a lot. The short answer is, when it is finished. The longer answer is I'm working on it as fast as I can and I hope to have it out by christmas. That may not be realistic. I don't know. 

I am finding that perfecting the recipes is the really time consuming and somewhat unpredictable stage. Mostly fun and tasty. However after the sixth test that still hasn't nailed it, the word tedious springs to mind. The recipe testing is integrated into our everyday eating. Most of our evening meals are cookbook tests. Getting a dish 'just so' is a thrill. Eating the same meal week after week is not. 

It takes time to cook at least several iterations of each recipe. Time to figure out what went wrong. Time to eat our way through the cooking. Time to be able to face the same dish again if the testing has been taking many attempts. Yes, recipes have been dropped for being too recaltricant. Yes there have been months where we took a break from any testing and enjoyed indulging in cheese and tomato on toast and *gasp* random meals.

Right now it is all systems go on the recipes to get Summer done and dusted.

Where is the cookbook at? As you may know already, the cookbook is divided into seasons and there are around 35 vegetarian recipes per season. Each recipe has an accompanying painting inspired by the dish. Autumn and Winter are done, both recipes and paintings. Summer is well underway with about three quarters of the recipes done and half the paintings as well. Spring has half it's recipes and a small handful of paintings completed. 

Getting there! And of course all the recipes so far are available from the page at www.wherefishsing.com/cookbook

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