Meditative Studies day #55-70

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nature study meditation drawing by Australian artist Fiona Morgan

You could be forgiven for thinking these drawings are really not flowing at the moment, but the truth is I've been creating a yet to be revealed little sub-series of Meditative Studies. More later. For now, the chattering mouths of the banksia seedpod is all I can show for the past few weeks work.

Black ink pen on white watercolour paper 5x7" and matted ready to frame. Fits the very commonly available standard size 8x10" frame.
All the currently available Meditative Studies are here, including this one: 
Buy one, buy them all! $20 each, including postage within Australia. OS airmail postage is $5 for 1, $8 for 2, $11 for 3+. Comment SOLD on the photo of the one you want and include a contact email so I can send payment details. 

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