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Monday, April 21, 2014

Art Surprise - Art by Subscription - Just in time for Mother's Day

The nice part of having a stall at the markets is meeting the people who appreciate your work. It's really lovely to chat to someone who's interested in what you're doing and share that spark of excitement, regardless of whether they buy something or not. The observations other people make are often heartening (I can't tell you how many people have asked if I meditate while drawing the Meditative Studies because of their air of tranquility) and perceptive (thank you for all the helpful tips from fresh eyes on the stall presentation and ideas for new works).

One of the biggest patterns I noticed is that many people buy my artworks as gifts. This is as lovely as it was unexpected. Over and over I'm told that people want to give a gift that is completely unique and picked to suit an individual taste.

I have been wondering if there is more that I can do to offer a perfectly unique, tailored gift. After much pondering, my answer is the Art Surprise Gift Subscription. It's three pieces of original art by subscription.

How does it work? You or your gift recipient is posted a surprise original artwork once a month for three months. You choose the theme of the artworks to be created or leave it up to me to create three complimentary works for you. The art is gift wrapped and arrives by post to be opened with (hopefully) squeals or oohs and ahhs of excitement.

Just in time to be created for Mothers Day here in Australia, and ideal for most gift occasions.

There is the black and white version ($76), think Meditative Studies:

And the colour version ($94), think Meditative Studies with watercolour (yes, these example are from the current exhibition):


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