The Challenge of Daily Painting

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well it's a sad-face day.

Sad Face photo - Jola Dziubinska photos at

The challenge of painting, shooting a video, editing said video, uploading and blogging ON TOP of my regular day is proving to be too ambitious. Especially given that I am now 3 weeks behind on my day job due to all the hard drive issues that cropped up.

So this challenge needs a rethink. Such as reducing the regularity for starters. I would love to keep doing this challenge every day, but it does not seem to be realistic at this point in time. So how about I be more sensible and aim for once a week?

How about I say once a week definitely, and there may be the odd bonus painting with video along the way? Then when the current day-job project finishes at the end of November, this arrangement can be reviewed.

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