Learning From Painting Challenge Mistakes

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the spirit of the glass being half full rather than half empty, after a few days of reflection, here's what I've learned from my semi-aborted daily painting challenge.

1. Getting in front of a video camera is not so bad after all.
2. My preferred painting style is for layers rather than wet on wet.
3. PC's truly are horrible for editing video and I am soooo hanging out for a Mac.
4. I really prefer artwork that has a voice - a meaning - a reason for being.
5. After a few days away from the studio on the computer, I'm missing the paints and this is highlighting the value of daily practice.
6. Although it was an ambitious project to design, paint, video and blog daily, if I hadn't tried I wouldn't know how long it takes or if it was possible. Now it's a known quantity. Possible, but not with a fulltime job on top.

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