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Thursday, October 01, 2009

I am really really happy with my 'Found Creatures' series. I have some ideas of how to take these further, but what I really really want is YOUR ideas and feedback.
Do you like them? Do you have a favourite? If it was for sale, what format would appeal to you (greeting card, photo print, canvas print, eco shopping bag, your own idea)? What in your opinion would enhance the Found Creatures (animal quotes, environmental/recycling quotes, something else entirely)?

Vote for your fave by leaving a comment. The 5 secs it will take you will be very much appreciated.

Without further ado, the constraints of 30 days and an iPhone, travelling and the inspiration of environmental/land art...

Happy Bird CreatureUnderwater Swimming Creature
Startled Kangaroo CreatureFish Creature
Multi-Legged Flying CreatureDamned Cross Creature
Insect CreatureDragon Creature
Flying Snake CreatureRhino-Like Creature
Flat Out Running CreatureAngel Bird Creature
4 Legged Critter CreatureBunny Creature
Underwater Floating Creature
Oriental Dragon Creature
Dog Creature
Cute Fluffy Creature
Magical Pony Creature
Skeleton Bird Creature
Stork Creature
'What Deposit?' Creature
Dragon / Seahorse Creature
Multi-Legged Floating Creature
Cute Running Creature
Pelican/ Brolga Creature
Lizard Creature

Vote for your favourite Creature in the comments...

If you're interested, the full set of 37 Found Creatures is:
On SoFoBoMo
On Flickr

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2 thoughts

  1. Hah - imagination will out!! Wow, these are seriously cool! I especially like: Underwater swimming creature "I'm swimming away, just swimming away...into my imagination oh yeah...";Damned Cross Creature "This is how I feel when you...(insert gripe)(take my park, cut me off at the lights...)";Flat Out Running Creature "and you know, my running style really limits drag, and streamlines my style...";4 Legged Critter Creature "so yeah I'm old, and I'm what, get over it";Underwater Floating Creature "I'm floating, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again" or "Peace dude";I also like the Oriental Dragon Creature - though can't think of a caption, except 新年快乐 - Happy New Year in Chinese! I reckon these'd be great on T-shirts, tea towels (good quality linen/cotton, or hemp), eco shopping bags, with smart, funny sayings (environmental or social commentary). Maybe mens' ties made with linen...
    I like, I like, I like!!!

  2. Wow, enthusiasm!! And quite a bit of thought! Thanks for all the captions on your faves. There's some printing ideas in there I hadn't thought of. Excellent stuff.


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