Modern Cavepaintings

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rock paintings modernised. Mythological creatures. Imagination animals. I've been playing with these themes as I explore the possibilities of oil paint and I now present the results. Twelve original art paintings on small 6x6" canvases, so you can easily afford and fit multiples on your walls no matter what size your hanging space. Colour themed for easy mix & matching. Varnished for protection. Gallery wrapped canvas painted all around the edges so no framing required. Just ready to hang. My three favourites are pictured here. More in the WhereFishSing store. Very reasonably priced. Did I mention that these are originals, NOT prints? One of the features of these pieces is the rich surface texture.

For a long time -ever since high school or perhaps longer- I have drawn, doodled and sketched what I have best been able to describe as 'Imagination Animals'. Creatures that don't exist in the real world, but maybe somewhere could or could have existed. Humorous, fanciful, cheeky, mysterious. The pot that brews forth these critters reveres animals, is fascinated by nature, is enthralled by mythology and creation stories and gets a tingle down the spine from ancient rock art.

I'm sure the shrinks out there may have more than a few words to say on these pictures that would probably greatly differ from my interpretation. Nonetheless, this has been my 'thing' for quite some time. And despite the unfinished sketches being laughed at, the finished pieces are garnering quite a different reaction.

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