Dare To Dream?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Imagine life is a sweet shop. You can have anything you want, but you can't have everything that you want. Why? Because you've only got so much to spend. You can afford lots and lots of little things or a much smaller number of big things. Your choice. What do you want? How will you spend your time in the sweet store of life?

Not many people get brought up with the belief that they can really truly go after anything they really truly want. If you are someone who has figured this out, then maybe like me, it came as a revelation.

This painting is that feeling of the world opening up and being full of possibilities. That sense of wondering, do I dare? Could I really? How would it take off? I could have that life??? Oh yes!!! And the dreaming/thinking/feeling/imagining through all the sweet and delicious scenarios. Do you know this feeling? Do you know someone who is taking stock of their life, or inspired to try a new direction? Would this help keep them motivated?

The writing in the clouds reads, 'Did anyone tell you? You can be anything you want.'

Another great find from the mysterious old box that I discovered when re-setting up my studio. Available now to inspire somebody else to follow their dreams. In the Official Art Store, of course.

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