More (and the last of the) Modern Cavepaintings

Monday, November 09, 2009

'Imagination Animals'. Creatures that don't exist in the real world, but maybe somewhere could or could have existed. Humorous, fanciful, cheeky, mysterious.

Like chalk-ghosts of drawings left behind on a rockface.

Hey, have I mentioned these have lots of texture? Really. You can see the patina of the rock surface and run your fingers over where the creatures have been scratched into the rock...

The last two paintings in this series of 12 have finally been completed - and they're selling already!

These are little canvases, just 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm), ready to hang. No framing required. And the series is designed - both in size and price - so that multiple pictures can be mixed and matched on a wall. They are ideal to add a touch of colour, as no matter how small your wall is, they will fit!

Available right now in the Official Art Store.

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