How do you like your city?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Imagine a city with no sculptures, no murals, no statues, no decorative facades or unique street furniture. If the only objects in the city were utilitarian traffic signal boxes, bins, buildings and streetlights. No historic objects, no banners, no decoration, no markings of any festivals. A city where everything looked as though it had come straight from a factory. Rather depressing?

As you may know, I have an arts column in the Ballarat Independent. My aim is to spread inspiration. I also prefer to wander a visually interesting city and while I certainly don't like every piece of public art I find, I'd rather have it around than not. Consider why...

To continue reading the full article, 'A new era of public art is dawning in Ballarat', head over to the Ballarat Independent.

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