Keeping the spark of summer alive

Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's not even remotely summer where I am. In fact, yesterday was the first day of winter. It was fffrrrrrosty. Hello to all of you of the northern hemisphere, you are enjoying my favourite season. I am envious.

However, over winter this year I will be keeping the spark of summer alive because I will be recipe testing and painting the summer season of the art vege cookbook. 

Odd, yes.

I am jumping ahead and out of seasonal order and going straight from winter paintings to summer ones. There is logic behind this madness. For half the world it is actually summer, and these people can follow along the seasonal recipe postings and try them out at the right time of year. By the time I finish up the summer collection, it will be spring where I am, and then I will be in season again. If I were to continue on and do spring now, it would be out of season with everyone. And that seems kind of pointless.

Besides, I have a third of the summer recipes already tested and ready to go, whereas the spring cooking collection is still looking rather bare. Completing summer then spring gives me a bit more time to gather the spring recipes together.

So hellooo summer! Happily starting very soon.

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