Friday, July 15, 2011

food painting for the vegetarian cookbook by Fiona Morgan

Food painting artwork

30 x 30cm oil on board. Summer to me means loads of baking hot sunshine pressing down on the land and the air shimmering in heatwaves. These are the essences I have aimed to capture here. Do you feel the dry desert heat looking at this? With the air shifting all around you?

This painting will be available in the Official Art Store as soon as it is dried and ready. Find out exactly when that is by getting on the email list for collectors. It's the yellow box in the top left.

Summer! Celebrating the cornucopia of feasting of my favourite time of year. 

Sunshine.  Sunshine.  Sunshine. Hot. Hot. Hot!!! I love it. It's the season for beaches, barbeques, lazing outside in the shade and drinking lots and lots of water.

What do we have coming up in the recipe department? Well there's the easiest icecream you could ever hope for, dippy things, pizzas, wrappy things, cold drinks, cooling salad-meals, light soups and the obligatory noodles. I'll try and keep the use of the oven to a minimum. Who wants the house heated like that in the middle of desert temperatures anyway?

And in the painting department? Come along for the ride. I'm happily exploring all sorts of techniques and styles as I create the visual accompanyment to the recipes. See what I've done so far over here. And YES they are all for sale. If a painting whispers to you to give it a home, you absolutely can!

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