Time lapse video - Shio Ramen

Saturday, July 09, 2011

In the spirit of trying something new, which this project is all about, I have begun videoing the creation of some of the paintings. First up is Shio Ramen. I apologise for the extensive view you have of the back of my head. I shall reposition the camera for the next one! However, it gives you an idea of how these are created. Note all the wardrobe changes - oils take a while to dry. There's no audio. I'm chipmunked enough already! Without further ado - the first time lapse painting. A whole minute and a bit of furious painting.

This is another example of the oil transfer  technique that I am fond of. I like how it is a cross between painting and printmaking. While I love the results of etching, I find the process tedius and more frustrating than dealing with a recaltricant windows computer. You know what I mean!

The way that oil transfer mimics the effects of printmaking is perfect for this Japanese woodblock ukiyo-e style inspired image. All hail the mighty ramen!

Did you know that all the food painting artwork is available to own in the Official Art Store? Very limited edition reproduction prints are ready to go right now. If you want to get your mitts on the original, it is drying and awaiting it's professional photoshoot before being allowed in the shop. If you love it and want to know as soon as it's available, get on the email list, yellow box top left.

Look out for the recipe on Monday.

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