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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artist inspiration and artist influences. No biographies, dates or scholarly research here - this is a personal response to the work of Arthur Streeton by Australian artist Fiona Morgan.

Above Us The Great Grave Sky - Arthur Streeton painting
Above Us The Great Grave Sky
Arthur Streeton was another well known 'Australian Impressionist'. He was of the same era and ilk as Tom Roberts. At his best he is considered to be better, but Roberts was the more evenly masterful painter. This is a little like distinguishing between fine brie and camembert cheeses. They were both highly skilled masters of paint.

Near Heidleberg - Arthur Streeton painting
Near Heidleberg
 Like Roberts, he had the ability to capture a very Australia light and colour.

Still Glides The Stream And Shall Forever Glide - Arthur Streeton painting
Still Glides The Stream And Shall Forever Glide
 I have a soft spot for landscapes...

Spring - Arthur Streeton painting
...especially of the poetic, evocative kind. Streeton did this well, hence my admiration. His paintings bounce with feeling.

A Pastoral A Summer Afternoon - Arthur Streeton painting
A Pastoral A Summer Afternoon
Seeing these paintings in real life shows off their masterful brushstrokes, teasing us to define if they are little swirls of paint or leaves and grass.

The Selectors Hut Whelan On The Log - Arthur Streeton painting
The Selectors Hut Whelan On The Log

Fire's On - Arthur Streeton painting
Fire's On
Streeton dabbled in showing life, mostly pioneer bush life, of the time. Though he didn't go as far as making iconic pictures that formed Australia's self image like Roberts, he did make some memorable images of the times.

The Point Wharf Mosman Bay - Arthur Streeton painting
The Point Wharf Mosman Bay
He made a number of paintings around Sydney that to me really capture a sense of the city.

The Purple Noon - Arthur Streeton painting
The Purple Noon
Streeton was introduced to plein air painting by Roberts. This was a brand new thing in Australia in the 1890's. I sense an excitement and pride in these outdoor paintings, perhaps from being involved in something so new and radical? These paintings have the effect of making me wish I had been there, travelling Australia and painting outside with the little group of master painters, making history.

Spirit Of The Drought - Arthur Streeton painting
Spirit Of The Drought
Another large part of my attraction to Streeton's work is the period of Symbolism that he explored. Using realistically painted landscapes and figures he could evoke an otherworldlyness that was more concerned with memory, mood or a season than ordinary reality. I really enjoy this imaginative aspect of his work, travelling in the mind. It also reminds me of Art Nouveau and the style of Alphonse Mucha.

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