Roast Tomatoes & Capsicum (Peppers)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Easy. Versatile. Thrifty. Moreish.


Food painting artwork

30 x 30cm oil on linen. Thanks to Pia, Mimi and Sara for helping out with identifying the essence of roast tomatoes.

Here are some pointers:

Can you feel it?

Did you know that all the food painting artwork is available to own in the Official Art Store?  If you want to get your mitts on the original, it is drying and awaiting it's professional photoshoot before being allowed in the shop.

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The meatless meals recipe

Both of these roast vegetables taste heaps better than they sound and are dead easy to make. They're also good with some mediterranean herbs sprinkled on them. The roasting brings out the flavour of the vegetable and intensifies it in a really moreish way.

Roast Tomatoes
Use as many or few tomatoes as you have or like. It's wonderful to make a large batch of these and keep them in the fridge to use in salads, or on the side of a main meal or whenever they take your fancy.

Chop tomatoes into 1/8ths and put on a baking tray in a single layer. 
Sprinkle with salt. Use the same amount of salt coverage as you would for a tomato sandwich, plus a little more.
If you like, smear the tomatoes with pesto or basil infused oil.
Bake in a 180C / 350F oven for 30-60 minutes.
Remove from the oven just as bits on the tomatoes begin to go black.

Roast Capsicum (Peppers)
As with the roast tomatoes, it's superb to do a large batch of these and have them to hand whenever you feel like a hit of their intensified flavour in your meal.

Place whole red capsicums on a baking tray in a single layer and bake in a 180C / 350F oven until the skin bubbles and starts to burn.
Remove and place in a lidded container (tongs!) so the skin is steamed off.
When cook, peel and de-seed.

Add to any salad or dish as you see fit!


More vegetarian cookbook goodies

Need help with cooking conversions? Download this handy dandy pdf of cooking conversion charts for every cooking measuring system I could find. It should make your life easier.

Where are the rest of the vegetarian dinner recipes? They're all in the Table of Contents.

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