Ballarat Artisan Fair 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It was an exhausting and successful weekend of art fair goodness, from which it has taken me three full days to recover. Bugger being an introvert - I can meet and greet and chat all day with people as well as anyone else, but when it's all over a recharge is not enough - I need a brand new battery!

Despite the tiringness, it was wonderful to meet so many people, to see people's reactions to the artwork and the cookbook concept (overwhelmingly postive) and to meet a bunch of likeminded local creatives.

Below are my photos from the event, previously published on FB.

Another roundup, including loads more photos of the event (and not written by me!) over at the Ballarat Independent: 

"Ballarat's talented artists and artisans were once again a feature over the weekend at the second Ballarat Artisan Festival. A wonderfully diverse array of work was on show with contemporary and traditional artworks, shoemaking, glass works, sculpture, cartooning, textiles and several other crafts... "

All set up and in the swing of the fair.

A little bit of live painting is more interesting for everyone.

Early in the setup before the framed paintings started walking off the walls.

The crafty goodness of Grace By the Lake.

Jenny and Caron, of Grace By the Lake - very friendly faces.
Linda of South Street Art Studio with her meditation inspired works.

Linda runs both art and meditation classes at South Street Art Studio. She's a very supportive personality.
Christine Hickson, whom I was introduced to by several sets of people. Obviously we were meant to meet!

The exquisite watercolours of Christine Hickson. She needs an Etsy store as her work is gorgeous & people were loving it.
Pauline O'Shannessy-dowling with her intricate and wonderful works.

One of these large intruiging abstractish pieces is a prizewinner.

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