Meditative Studies day #13 - little by little and some rain

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our sleeping water-loving visitor, heralding rain.

A continuation of my theme from yesterday of focusing in on just one thing and getting it right. Another drawing session of repetition. And little by little I can see the results. One step at a time I am banishing errors in my drawings of these pesky shells and figuring out better ways to depict them.

It's a good feeling to see progress between the beginning and end of a session.

Speaking of progress, after two months of dryness, we finally had rain. While my initial tree change was some six years ago now, I have never before lived in a house relying only on tank water. Given that we are in one of the highest rainfall areas of Australia, averaging several metres annually, I was not at all worried. But after two months our rather little water tank was getting low and we switched to all the old Victorian drought-era water saving measures we had to use these past few years. Buckets everywhere to catch all the good unused water. Reduced flushing. Short washing machine cycles.

It's been lovely to see & smell rain again and we had a water-loving visitor as a bonus.

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