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Monday, September 03, 2012

Artist inspiration and artist influences. No biographies, dates or scholarly research here -  this is a  personal response to the work of Warwick Fuller by Australian artist Fiona Morgan.

Warwick Fuller painting - Cobar Overture
Cobar Overture
I once met a high end art industry valuer and auctioneer who was of the strong opinion that the last thing Australia needs is another landscape artist. Perhaps. I hope he meant we don't need any more mediocre landscape artists, but I suspect not. If that attitude was taken to heart by artists, then we would not have the work of Warwick Fuller to admire and enjoy.

Warwick Fuller painting - Shark Bay Headland
Shark Bay Headland
We were visiting Broken Hill and curiously doing the rounds of the many art galleries in that small town in the middle of nowhere in the desert. It's the same trip that I got to see Pro Hart's work. Although there is a plethora of art and galleries in Broken Hill, the art is mostly appalling and made to make a quick buck out of tourists. So we'd dropped into yet another gallery and were mooching about when we saw a painting that jumped off the wall at us with life.

Warwick Fuller painting - Sketch for Cliff Top, Sublime Point
Sketch for Cliff Top, Sublime Point
Warwick Fuller painting - Sofala Shed
Sofala Shed
Great paintings have presence.

The brushwork was incredible. I mean virtuosic. The vitality of the painting was breathtaking. We had stumbled across a Warwick Fuller landscape.

Warwick Fuller painting - Spinifex in Morning Light
Spinifex in Morning Light
Warwick Fuller painting - Spring on the Peel River
Spring on the Peel River
I've since seen many more of his works in person and gathered several catalogues of his paintings. And generally, the brushwork is always incredible. It's a hallmark of his work. It's a trait I admire and want to work towards mastering. These are emphatically paintings, not images.

Warwick Fuller painting - Coastline Patonga
Coastline Patonga

Warwick Fuller painting - Grazing in the Valley
Grazing in the Valley
Warwick Fuller is a also painter of light and mood. To me his work continues on from the Australian Impressionists like Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts.

Warwick Fuller painting - Rugged Gulley Bathed in Light
Rugged Gulley Bathed in Light

Warwick Fuller painting - Sun on an Overcast Day
Sun on an Overcast Day
It's all about light, light, light. Australian light and Australian colour. I think he captures it beautifully. The colours are absolutely superb. I'm quite a fan of the colour of the Australian bush. It's subtle and unique and I think we should celebrate what we have. We're not Europe or America here. Our light and plants are different, and fantastic.

Warwick Fuller painting - Shadows Cast, Mt Nameless
Shadows Cast, Mt Nameless

Meet the artist - Warwick Fuller demonstrates and chats about his painting while out on a camping and painting tour. Yet another landscape artist I like...

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