Gumleaves and ....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new and occasional series celebrating the curious forms of the iconic Australian gumleaves and the emotions of connection with nature. It has grown out of the Meditative Studies and my daily drawing practice. I wanted to take this Japanesque woodblock hatching theme that has developed and make it larger and really explore the shapes, and make it more substantial and move onto stretched canvas. I wanted to make these colourful. I wanted the feel of the bush to be present.

Nature painting Gumleaves & Tranquility by Australian artist Fiona Morgan
Gumleaves & Tranquility

Nature painting Gumleaves & Joy by Australian artist Fiona Morgan
Gumleaves & Joy

These pieces are 8x10" ink on acrylic on canvas. The canvas is deep edged gallery wrapped, so framing is optional.

All currently available artworks are listed here:

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