Meditative Studies, the why and #45-53

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Meditative Studies series of nature drawings - where did it come from and why?

A daily habit

I wanted to instill in myself the habit of a daily drawing practice. Like drinking a litre or more per day of fresh water, or walking the dogs each evening, there are habits for good physical health. So too are there habits for excellence. I don't want to be average at drawing. I want my drawing to be excellent. A regular drawing session always gives better results than occasional large ones. And so it made sense to begin to form a daily drawing habit by just starting, working through the awkward and hard to commit to stage, and sticking with it long enough to end up with a daily reflex.


Many people find stillness sitting meditation or in yoga. I've always found that the full concentration required of careful-yet-free drawing, or of painting for that matter, to be just as quieting. I had begun to notice that my drawing and painting sessions were really meditation sessions. Just like some people do walking meditations. Without my drawing meditation I notice myself become edgier. It has a soothing effect.

Nature in ink

Old botannical illustrations. I love these but I don't want to reproduce their stiffness. Old pen and ink book illustrations. There were so many unnamed talented illustrators in generations gone by. A childhood of being a bookworm has had the unintended effect of giving me a huge respect for the art of pen and ink drawing. Pieces of nature. To tell the truth, I didn't even think this out. I just notice curiousities while out with the dogs and wanted to draw them. All these influences simply meshed together.

Zen for your walls.

Small nature studies.
Quietly created as drawing meditations.
Each one is unique.

Peaceful simplicity. Slow looking. Radiating stillness.

These are delicate and deceptively simple drawings on quality artist's paper. Matted to fit a standard 8x10" frame.

My art explores an ongoing love of nature and celebrates the brighter, calmer, radiant side of life. It is a reminder that the world smiles with possibility.

All currently available Meditative Studies are listed here:

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