Art Filled Seasonal Vegetarian Cookbook - Autumn

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food painting for the vegetarian cookbook by Australian artist Fiona Morgan
In my part of the world it is Autumn. Some of you may know it as Fall. But our trees don't drop their leaves, so Fall is not appropriate.

Welcome to the start of my vegetarian cookbook! Over the course of the next four seasons you will find here seasonal recipes of the vegetarian persuasion.

Carnivores fear not!

This is for you too. How? Well now when you have your vegetarian friend/relative/significant other over for dinner, instead of throwing up your hands in despair and crying that you have no idea what to cook, just come here. No more serving up meat and three veg minus the meat. Now you can have your vege friends ask for the recipe of the delicious meal you served.

And why else? Well, Meatless Monday.

If you want to join in this worldwide movement but are a bit stuck for ideas, come here and try out a super tasty meatless meal.

And of course, this is for all the vegetarians out there

New and long time vegetarians, who want the most kickass collection of easy to make, seasonal, nutritious and simply divine meals that make everyone you know go, 'WOW!! That was amazing.'

All the vegetarian recipes are free and will be posted on this blog with an accompanying original food painting artwork inspired by the recipe.

Everything cookbook related will be archived here so you can find recipes easily. At the end of each season all the meals and pictures will be collected together in a real live printed book which will made available for sale. All the original artwork will be for sale too, details of this to be decided, as well as super-limited edition signed and numbered prints of each artwork.

If you have any fantastic favourite vego recipes, feel free to share. But only if they are the very best, most scrumptious recipes possible. If they have a habit of making other people swoon with delight, they'll be perfect. And you'll get published!

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and download the Autumn picture if you desire it, as a seasonal computer wallpaper. 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200


Food painting artwork

30x30cm watercolour on canvas. It's a symbolic painting of moving from summer (the beach) to the dark clouds of winter on the horizon. And making the journey is a pumpkin boat filled with autumnal vegetables.

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